Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

One of the most important parts of winter corn grazing is your fencing! Not only will your neighbours appreciate your cattle staying out of their yard, but it’s also an important factor in grazing efficiency.

Controlled access ensures that feed waste is minimized, nutritional value is maximized, and body condition is easily controlled.

Fencing Tips

  1. Use a well-designed system such as Gallagher Power Fencing Systems. Be sure the grounding system is suitable for winter usage.
  2. Use a 2 wire grounding system.
  3. Always stay one section ahead of the cows and have extra fence ready. Having a second fence already set up allows you to turn the cows out into the next field immediately.
  4. Cut or push down corn stalks with a tractor or quad to prevent corn stalks from falling on your fence and disabling the system.
  5. To install posts into frozen ground – drill a hole in the ground and pound in rebar. Use post insulators to hold the wire to the post.
  6. Use hand reels for rolling up and laying wire.
  7. Train cows to the fence before grazing so they are accustomed to the system and respect the fence line.