About Us

Corn Ranches is the leading independent provider of corn seed, product, and consulting in Western Canada.

Operating on the century-old family farm in central Alberta, Corn Ranches focuses on growing customer yields and profits. To ensure you plant, grow, and graze or silage the right product, Corn Ranches invests in its customers long-term, and is committed to:

  • Plot Performance Testing;
  • Industry Research;
  • Field Evaluations;
  • Special Products Programs;
  • Individual Consulting Services; and more.

There’s nothing we value more than our customers and our relationships with them.

Beyond the Cob

At Corn Ranches, we want to help our ranchers succeed in every aspect of their business. In addition to helping buy, plant, and grow corn, we also supply a variety of miscellaneous items, including anything from cattle feeders to maternity pens that are often available for sale at our farm. Check out currently available items here.