Corn Ranches Inc.

We supply corn seed, forage seed, hay and silage inoculant, Gallagher Fencing Systems, Miraco Livestock Waterers, and Stampede Steel. Also available are Agricultural Financial Risk consulting, Hail Insurance, AgriStability and Government Programming.

Serving Western Canadian Beef Producers

with grazing corn seed, silage, supplies and consulting in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia

Corn Seed

Corn Ranches provides the widest variety of corn seed in Western Canada – and we don’t stop there. We research, test, and analyze every seed variety to determine the best seed for each rancher.

Corn Products & Services

A one-stop-shop for all your corn ranching needs. Corn Ranches custom plants and deals electric fencing supplies, corn crop insurance, cattle handling equipment, ear tags, water systems and more!

Corn Consulting

Take advantage of our 20+ years of experience growing corn on our ranch for silage and grazing Our knowledge and insight of corn varieties can be matched to your needs and area and our know how is available to you year-round to increase your success and profits.